Wednesday, May 08, 2019


It was a very nice thing for our Vice President Mike Pence, who owns a bunny, to visit three churches in Louisiana that had been burned down by an arsonist. "No one should ever fear for their safety in a house of worship, anywhere in this country, anywhere in the world. Attacks on communities of faith must stop," he said as the parishioners around him said "amen." Which was a very important statement, and one that rang true in the midst of all the hate that has been showered so liberally around our country and elsewhere. Which may explain why so many people expected that the blaze that destroyed a great portion of Notre Dame would be arson. Because that's the trend. A short circuit doesn't fit in with the zeitgeist. 
Meanwhile, the members of a synagogue in San Diego where a woman, Lori Gilbert Kaye, was killed an another three were injured are still waiting for their visit from someone moderately presidential. Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, one of those injured when a nineteen year old gunman attacked, received a phone call from the "President." There was also the somewhat predictable tweet of thoughts and prayers from the Cheeto in Charge. The woman who put herself in the path of a bullet meant for the rabbi died. 
And later that day, that same Cheeto took the podium and let the rank and file members of the National Rifle Association know that he would never do anything to keep them from having their guns. "Every day, you stand up for our God-given rights without exception, without fail, and without apology."
Even if it was an assault rifle like the ones to shoot up the synagogue?
No time for questions like that. There was the National Day of Prayer to organize. Rabbi Goldstein was invited to the White House, as was the off duty immigration officer who chased after the gunman and fired at him as he sped away along with the U.S. Army veteran who also gave chase. Ms. Kaye was not available to attend. 
There were those who say that the month that passed between the vice president's visit to Louisiana and the fires that devastated those communities was too little and too late. At least bunny-owner Pence didn't spend the night before promoting the rights of arsonists to carry matches and gasoline. A very nice thing. 

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