Thursday, May 10, 2018

How Long Can This Go On?

How am I? It's all right here, isn't it? For the past thirteen years, I have been rambling on and on inside this little box, waiting for the scroll bar to appear on the right. That tells me that I have probably wasted enough of your time. This is the short attention span theater, after all. Which doesn't mean I don't have a lot on my mind. I have a lot on my mind.
The problem is, I have to keep parceling it out in these little packages. I have to be careful about what I talk about during the course of any given day, since I don't want to give up any potential conversational gambits that might prove to be better collaborations. Instead of me droning on and on, there is something to be said for an exchange of ideas. That's not exactly what is happening here. I am letting you know what I believe here, and I hope that you enjoy the ride. Some of you have been on this ride for more than a decade. I appreciate that. If you have only clicked here on accident, expecting to find insight on the third law of thermodynamics, you might be a little let down. Not that I don't have some thoughts on that. But mostly I like to take my mind on a walk once a day, and I'm happy to have folks follow along.
So thanks for following along, and I appreciate hearing about the times that we have ended up spending together. Excuse me for doing all the talking, but it's my preferred mode of exchange. I give you words, you give me your time. It seems like a pretty good trade to me. And every so often, I do hear back from some or all of you. Sometimes they come in the form of comments appended to the bottom of these entries. Sometimes they come in phone calls, when I get caught up with someone who tells me that I don't need to tell them about my life because they read my blog. Which is kind of intimidating.
I suppose that's what I get for making a daily habit out of my daily habits. Keeping it light. Keeping it moving. Keeping it real. Okay. For some, it's too real. And once upon a time I tried throwing in a little fiction, just to make this whole enterprise a little less about me. For those few entries, it was about people I made up. Which made some readers wonder what I could possibly be thinking. Why would anyone want to read a collection of stories about made up people, when you can drop by here once a day to find out how I am.
Thirteen years later: Fine, thanks.

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