Thursday, March 22, 2018


Get up, have my orange juice and vitamins. Go for a run. Take a shower. Write a blog. That's how my day would start. I suppose I should point out that the waking up part would be less a function of have to than want to. No alarms would be necessary. Still, if I want this day to get going, I have to put some miles behind me before too much has slipped away. I want to be able to spend as much time as I can in the service of the places and people that I want to squeeze in.
Once I have put the finishing touches on the blog post, I would get dressed and take the family across the street to Disneyland. It's a cool day so the crowds haven't overwhelmed the front gate, and the straight shot to Space Mountain that we have rehearsed so many times puts us on the ride within minutes of our entrance. After meandering around Tomorrowland for a couple hours, lunch will be taken at Pizza Port. There we will meet friends and discuss the number of trips necessary on the Jungle Cruise before heading out for Adventureland. Only those who find the backside of water as intrinsically amusing as I do will be allowed to ride. Each lap should bring at least one new bit to add to the treasure trove of ridiculous animal puns that have kept me amused for decades. Working our way around the Rivers of America, we take in the Haunted Mansion and a trip down Splash Mountain as the heat of the day arrives.
Because this is my day, the lines are just long enough to recount the previous experiences before we load into yet another. That is why we travel across the expanse that used to be parking lot to spend a few hours in the California Adventure, sticking primarily to Cars Land and other Pixar-related attractions. As the sun goes down and the lights come on, we make our way back out to Downtown Disney where we have a table reserved at The House of Blues. Springsteen is playing an acoustic set there and we don't want to miss a note.
Three and a half hours later, after shaking hands with the Boss and thanking him personally for the past forty years, we head back to the Magic Kingdom as the fireworks pour out from behind Sleeping Beauty's Castle, and I turn to look at the faces of my family and friends, bathed in the glow of the happiest day of the happiest place on earth.
Then it's time to get on home to rest. Another day, another run, and another blog is waiting to be created.

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