Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Nature Of The Crime

Collusion? It sounds so incredibly complex and nefarious that it makes me long for the days of the nice, clean corruption of Watergate. Back before every scandal had its own "-gate" attached to it, there was the burglary of the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Water-gate Hotel. That crime, along with its subsequent cover-up brought the Nixon machine to a grinding halt. Add a dollop of your Vice President accepting payments from contractors dating back decades and you end up with poor old Gerald Ford standing on the end of that red carpet, waving goodbye to an era of politics we thought we might never see again.
Or so we believed.
These days, it truly helps to have a scorecard of some kind to keep track of all the "comings and goings" in the Trump administration. It makes me long for Haldeman and Erlichman, G. Gordon Liddy and John Mitchell. Feel free at this point to generate your own amusing bit about not needing a Deep Throat in this current cast of characters.
Time's up.
Now let us turn our focus to a case made so much more clear by the parties involved being caught and then just confessing. The mayor of Nashville, Megan Barry, is resigning a month after admitting to having carried on an affair with her bodyguard. If this were Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, things might have been different. Instead, that train wreck was followed almost immediately by a question about the misuse of city funds that led to a plea bargain, probation, a fine, and the necessary resignation of Ms. Barry from her office. This was not how I remember things ending up with Whitney and Kevin. Ms. Barry and her lover will be left to sort out what might have been while Music City tries to figure out where to go from here. The former mayor will not be departing aboard Marine One, while Jerry and Betty Ford stand in the wake of the rotors. It will probably involve a bunch of cardboard boxes and a station wagon, lumped together with those wicked glances at the Shop 'n' Save.
Hopefully she won't run into Stormy Daniels.

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