Wednesday, September 06, 2017

The Heat Is On

We were asked to spare the air last week. For a few days. Troubling for those who had planned road trips over the Labor Day weekend. Personally, the notion of sitting in a metal box for any period of time when the temperature hovered just above one hundred degrees was not one that I clung to with any tenacity. Poor air. Hot, hazy air. Can't we give it a break?
As for the rest of us, wandering through the blistering temperatures in search of a cool place to lay down for a moment turned into a rather fruitless endeavor. When I came home on Friday evening, I put myself on the floor underneath our ceiling fan and waited for the sun to go down. Not that this gave any actual relief from the heat. There was the illusion of the dark air being somehow qualitatively different than the white hot air that had been hanging over us all day long. There was no escape. I was resigned to being at whatever temperature the gods had declared was acceptable for the punishment I had so obviously earned.
Meanwhile, in Texas, flood waters receded far enough in Texas to accommodate Melania Trump's stilettos. Our "President" kept his "hair" in place with an attractive cap, which just happened to be for sale on his website. I was relieved that the Northern California heat wave did not necessitate a presidential visit and/or an opportunity for him to raise any of the pledged million dollars he had promised to relief efforts.
Elsewhere in California, wildfires raged, contributing to the periodically stunning sunsets and outbreaks of respiratory difficulty. Things were on fire pretty much everywhere that wasn't underwater. Even in Texas where suddenly there wasn't enough water to put out fires once there was no more flood.
And somewhere, under that red baseball cap, was a brain that refuses to acknowledge the science of global warming. Fire and flood, with famine coming in just behind almost as an afterthought as shelves empty and crops burn and emergency rations disappear. What gets the attention from our "President?" Tough guy threats to North Korea. What good is rebuilding Houston if you're just going to get us into a nuclear war where it will most certainly be a primary target?
And bring about a Nuclear Winter? There's the relief we were looking for.
Didn't even have to buy the hat.

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