Sunday, September 03, 2017


And just how would we go about making America great again? An answer might come from Texas, where Americans are doing amazing things and doing things that Americans have done for hundreds of years: coming together in times of crisis. A television reporter saw a man stuck inside the cab of a truck and called in help. A preacher up to his waist in muddy water checked marooned cars for victims trapped inside. Neighbors grabbed neighbors and heaved them to safety. These were the bright lights amidst the dark skies. Human chains were formed to rescue victims stuck in water that seemed to be everywhere. Rescue workers and first responders from across the country raced south to lend a hand. 
And even though there was plenty to fear, these folks went into a disaster area and made us remember what is best about our country. This wasn't the first time we have seen greatness in America. It will not be the last. It is Mister and Missus John Q. Public and their like-minded friends and family that make the difference. The folks who are willing to get their hands dirty and their feet, along with everything else, wet. 
Which brings us to the Cheeto masquerading as "President." Showing up in Corpus Christi, he was impressed as he always is, by the size of the crowd. "What a turnout!" he crowed. Yes. I am sure that this will go down as the most-watched rally from the back of a firehouse in history. Meanwhile, up the road in Houston, Pastor Joel Osteen has agreed to open the doors of his megachurch as a sanctuary for those displaced by the floods. The floods, ironically, of biblical proportions. Pastor Joel had initially put off the suggestion that his sixteen thousand seat goditorium be used as a way station in the storm, claiming that he was "never asked" to do any such thing. Any such Christian thing. By Tuesday he was open for business, and if the business was housing the victims of an Act of God, business was very good.
Then there was Ted Cruz. Ted who pulled a one-eighty when it came to disaster relief bills. The senator from the Lone Star State who once insisted that the package that he voted against for Hurricane Sandy because it was "two thirds pork." Senator Ted has no such concerns about aid that will be voted on for his state. That may be because Senator Ted is two thirds pork himself. Nobody likes Ted. 
And isn't that what Makes America Great? 

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