Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Independent Thinking

Independence day. We could celebrate our independence from the power company. We have these solar panels on our roof that makes the power we need to run our laptops and any number of other screens that might require electricity. It's been a wonderful three months, especially after spending fifteen years trying to make it happen. It's not like two hundred forty years of creating a republic and making it work.
Living in the USA is chock full of opportunities like getting solar panels on the roof of your house. Drinking Budweiser and going to the store to buy more Budweiser is pretty darn American too. So is buying a mattress, which you can certainly do for just a few days more. Come to think of it, buying and selling things is pretty darn American.
Freedom? How about Free Enterprise?
And what about the folks in America who can't afford to play this game? Wanting to fix what is wrong with the country costs money. If those families who can't pay their utilities had solar panels on their roofs, they might not be so poor. And if those families driving cars from back when there was a gas shortage got one of those snazzy electric cars that could be powered by those solar panels on top of their houses.
Those solar panels will not, however, supply them with Budweiser. Or mattresses. They would still have to go shopping for that. But they could keep the Bud cold in their solar powered refrigerators. And the mattress could be hauled home with that electric car.
This program of getting poor people things like solar panels and electric cars would probably have involve some sort of socialized program that would be funded by people with money who aren't using all of theirs right now in order to get people things they really need right now.
Like health insurance. Wouldn't it be great if all Americans could focus their energies on buying and selling things instead of worrying about Medicaid? Wouldn't it be great to be free of worrying about preexisting conditions? And all the hospitals and doctor's offices could have solar panels. And while that sale is still going on, maybe they could get a good deal on a whole bunch of mattresses. In celebration of Independence Day.

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