Saturday, November 19, 2016

Whose Life Is It Anyway?

There was an angry divide in the United States before Donald Trump was elected president. There were several of them. The election did not make any of them disappear. It would nice to say that some of them have begun to heal as a result of the surprising, for some of us, turn of events. "Can't we all just get along?" may have been one of the most historical rhetorical questions of all time, but it only begins to scratch the surface of the problem facing this new administration. Each new appointment comes as a slap in the face to someone. Imagine how Chris Christie must feel to know that his Q score was so low that he was given a pass by the new cabal. He just might want that endorsement back.
But that's just one of the changes upcoming for all of us, whether we are governor of New Jersey or not. All these new faces will bring new ideas, or really old ones, to the forefront. Racism, misogyny and fear of all that is not Red, White and Blue seems to be on the rise. The headline that read, A "Good Samaritan" saw a deputy being attacked by a Florida man so he fatally shot the assailant, told the story of an officer struggling with an assailant until the "Good Samaritan" shot the bad guy three times, ending the struggle. I know this kind of thing happens with unfortunate frequency in Florida, but I couldn't help wondering if there was some other way this situation could have worked out. 
Is this what we are in for? Four years of "Good guys with guns" and an ever-increasing fear and feeling of persecution on the part of those we bleeding hearts had been working so hard to protect? I have heard more than one person whom I would consider calm and mostly rational suggest that civil war isn't out of the question. 
And to think I was worried about the armed insurrection if Trump had lost.
Now I worry about that well-maintained militia and all its alt-right visions of the future becoming fixtures in the society I thought I knew. It turns out that I didn't know enough. 
Now I'm going to have to learn. 
The hard way. 

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