Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Voice Of The People

It really wasn't much of a surprise that protests broke out in Oakland after the election of Donald Trump. As a community, we are pretty famous for our city's ability to smash a few windows, set dumpsters on fire, and block freeways. It wouldn't be too ridiculous to suggest that the same thing would have happened if Hillary had won. Here in the Bay Area, we tend to riot on a regular basis just to keep our free speech and anarchy muscles loose.
I suppose these demonstrations come as a relief compared to the armed insurrection with which we were threatened by angry Trump supporters who were ready to grab their muskets and tri-corner hats to head out and defend their liberty in the face of potentially rigged elections. That didn't happen. Instead, the winners of the game show we call The Electoral College seem quite happy to sit back and gloat, making me wonder if there really would have been a mobilization of militia and blood in the streets if their boy hadn't come across for the big win. Instead, we should all take a moment to be shocked and awed by the mobilization of voters that Mister Trump and his crew were able to rally in order to achieve their result. Not a popular victory, but a strategic victory.
Which makes the next bit all the more confounding. It seems that a certain number of the Trump faithful are taking Starbucks to task for their past offenses in the eyes of the Orange One. In order to make their point, these zealots are going in to their nearest coffee outpost, waiting in line, and then asking their barista to write "their name" on the cup: Trump. When their double half-caff pumpkin spice foaming latte is ready, the employees (as is their custom) have to shout out the name on the cup. Get it? The heavily tattooed, pierced and obviously bleeding heart caffeine droids have to shout out the name of the candidate they hate. The #Trumpcup rebellion has created a fuss, of sorts, but has also done little to affect the bottom line of their bottom line. I guess what I'm saying is, "Is this the best you've got?" You won the election and now you're going to go stand in line and wait for your coffee and pay for it, but you want people to say "Trump?" Not "Anita Mann" or "Moe Ron?" I guess these folks haven't watched enough Simpsons.
Since this is also the group that is headed by a guy whose skin seems to be as thin as it is orange, I suppose we shouldn't expect much in the way of thoughtful response. Hamilton? Overrated. Saturday Night Live? Not funny anymore. Trump? Your frappucino is ready.

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