Thursday, September 22, 2016

What's On?

Somewhere in the haze of televised sports that consumed my bachelor weekend, there was a moment of something different, a palate cleansing sorbet. While the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings were battling it out in the big purple terrarium built just for the occasion, I flipped up the dial to see if I had been missing anything important.
The Emmys? Organized television was handing out their awards, and I wasn't paying attention? How could this be? It could be that since I have chosen to let my wife and son be my duly deputized Game O' Trones watchers that I don't have to care about the trophies handed out by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. This does fly in the face of my general appreciation of all things pop culture, and so I felt mildly compelled, during a commercial break which featured yet another flurry of trucks and beer, I took a few moments to check out the Emmy broadcast.
To say that it was meaningless would be a disservice to myself and the Emmys. There was, I am sure, a lot to see if you were a fan of any of the programs up for an award. I could not count myself in that number. Instead, I found myself gazing upon a group of well-turned-out men and women, sitting in nice neat rows watching as one or two of these well-turned-out men and women arrived on stage to announce or receive appreciation from their peers. I remember thinking, "Well, maybe this is where you go in a tuxedo after you graduate from high school." I knew that if my wife had been with me, there would at least have been some attention paid to the finery, the gowns and the glitz.
That's when I saw him. For best director of a drama series, Miguel Sapochnik. Miguel came trotting down the aisle to pick up his Emmy with no tie, white shoes, and in need of a shave. On this gala evening, he showed up looking more like he had spent the weekend hanging out watching sports in my living room than eagerly anticipating his chance to shine in front of his peers. But there he was, the best of the  hebest as voted on by those peers, many of whom took the time to pick out a tie and a pair of black shoes.
A man after my own heart. I don't know much about Game of Thrones, but suddenly I'm a big fan of Miguel Sapochnik.

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