Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Teacher's Pet

So, here's the thing: As a teacher, I am very interested in checking for the understanding of my young charges. It is vital that after I present a new idea, I double back and ask a student or two to share what they have learned. If I missed that connection, I need to reestablish it by making sure that what I am teaching is what they are learning. This is especially true when I give a test, and it turns out that most of the kids in the room failed. I could be disappointed with them and wonder how they could have missed such easy questions.
Or I could realize that I was the one who failed. I didn't teach.
Which brings us to everyone's inevitable bad teacher: Donald Turnip. After giving what the Orange One assumed would be a groundbreaking speech on immigration, the public gave a collective shrug of their shoulders. Sure, there were those sycophants in the front row who continue to foam at the mouth and cry for the wall to be build even higher, but the ones sitting a little further back, flicking one another with pencils and folding paper airplanes were not impressed. The presumptive GOP candidate says the people "didn't quiet understand." because of the rabid response of his minions. The ones who shiver at the notion of "strong, impenetrable borders." The ones who are signing up to take their wheelbarrows and trowels down to Nogales to start construction. The ones who are still harvesting  those seeds of fear and discontent that were sown more than a year ago. Before his anti-Muslim rant. Before his plan for "extreme vetting" of immigrants auditioning for entry into our country. We just don't get it.
The ones who do get it are honking the horn still louder. Marco Gutierrez, co-founder of Latinos for Trump, took to the airwaves after his Coifness's speech to warn us all of a future where there would be "taco trucks on every corner." Mister Gutierrez is also a member of Jews for Jesus and Porcupines for Balloons. He understands. Why don't we?

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