Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Making America Safe Again

There are a lot of jobs that I wouldn't want to have. The logging industry is the deadliest possible occupation, according to statistics. Having a tree land on you unawares would be a lousy way to go.There's also a reason for the show to be called "The Deadliest Catch," even though they're catching fish anronid not trees. Make a mistake one the slippery deck of a commercial tuna boat and you might be lucky if you lose a finger instead of losing an arm as you tumble overboard on your way to a watery grave.
Up in the air is pretty safe, as long as you can stay there. It's those sudden declerations from altitudes more befitting of birds then humans that make being a pilot such an iffy proposition. Driving an airplane would be fun if you knew that you could figure out a way to get on and off the ground without having to cheat gravity. The same could be said for roofers, who spend far too much time up where their work is. If they could bring their job down to earth where putting on shingles would be a whole lot easier, or at least less nerve-wracking.
Garbage collectors seem to have a trouble separating themselves from their work, sometimes while it is being crushed into conveniently crushed cubes. Then it becomes somebody else's job to separate them from their work, piece by piece. Nasty business, garbage.
Then there's all those people who drive us and our trucks full of groceries and home electronics. Driving is a dangerous business when you have little or no distractions, but if you know that you have to be in Atlanta on Monday morning and you just left Chicago, it could be a challenge to get the kind of concentration you need to drive all night. At least that's what the songs tell me. That and the sales of amphetamines in truck stops across this great land of ours.c
So, these are all jobs for which I will not be leaving my cushy spot in my Oakland Public School classroom. But if these were all options on the table, I would happily consider them over what I imagine is now the most dangerous occupation in the United States: Working security at a Trump campaign rally. With the idjit on the stage egging it on, the mobs are growing even uglier than the words expressed by the idjit on stage. The same idjit who blames everyone else for the chaos swirling around him. Saying "it's only a matter of time" may be a little fatalistic, but that inevitability is what makes it life on the edge. A great big, noisy dull edge.

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