Friday, March 18, 2016

Crash Of 2016

I hope you're sitting down as you read this: Sarah Palin's husband was seriously injured in a snowmobile accident this past Monday. I know what you're asking yourself: "Will he be alright?" Or maybe "How's the snowmobile doing?" Or perhaps "Why should I care?"
Well, if you're hooked up to the life support mechanism that is the twenty-four hour news cycle, this is the kind of thing that can be worked from several angles. Even if you approach it from the angle of husband of former reality TV star's husband crashes speeding vehicle, there's some juice there. Once you add in the tasty morsels of that former reality TV star being governor of a state that is known for its ice and snow, then you can start to chew on the edges of the environmental impact of such an event. What was Todd doing, zipping around the frozen tundra on a gas-powered machine that is doing nothing but further destroying the ozone layer and contributing to the greenhouse effect that will most certainly bring about the eventual end of such activity before his grandchildren, legitimate and otherwise, have a chance to check it out.
Or maybe it has to do with the fact that the accident will cause the cancellation of a scheduled Trumpfter campaign rally in Florida. Now we have a real thread to follow. Coming fast on the heels of the former sportscaster's denouncement of "thuggery" disrupting Trumpily gatherings, the news of "Todd" Palin challenging gravity with his Ski doo became an fascinating next step. Conspiracy? Coincidence? Cover up for yet another grandchild born out of wedlock?
Or maybe it was just the way we all turn up for catastrophe. What is happening at your average Donald Trumpian rally these days would probably make a nice allegory to the your standard snowmobile fail. A few broken ribs here, a fractured tibia there, and all in the service of making America great again. If it makes Sarah Palin a sympathetic character, so be it, as long as that doesn't let any sun shine on the darkness of what Donald Trumph is selling. Ted Cruz has to say nice things about the Palin family. Isn't that curiosity enough? Ted Cruz saying nice things about anyone or anything?
That's news to me.

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