Monday, August 03, 2015

What God Wants

Hard to tell without precise punctuation or tone of voice, but Ted Nugent's assertion, "God are people stupid" seems to be more of a rhetorical question than anything else. It does make me wonder if there should be a question mark at the end of that. "God, are people stupid?" This makes it more of a spiritual inquiry. Would the higher power be so very kind as to fill us all in on just what the master plan is, at least as it pertains to the relative intelligence of his day six project. Are people stupid? God would know.
If there is a God. If there is a god, capitalized or not, would he or He or the Cosmic Muffin be involved in the affairs of one man? Ted or otherwise. Okay. Mostly Ted. He was having his crisis of faith in regard to the matter of Cecil The Lion. If you haven't been keeping up with your theology and/or big game hunting news, Cecil was the pride of Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park, if you'll pardon that little lion pun. Cecil was killed by an American dentist, Walter James Palmer in the tradition of Great White Hunters. Except that he didn't reckon on everyone, including Mia Farrow, getting wind of it. That's what social media does. It amplifies stink. Americans have been hunting and killing things for a long time. They have been doing it longer than they absolutely needed to, since I'm guessing that your average dental practice in Minnesota probably puts food on the table without having to resort to tracking and killing dinner. He apologized to his hometown paper, which seems like an odd place to start, since Cecil's cubs are probably waiting around now to be adopted by the neighborhood meerkat and warthog as they mourn their father's passing. No word on a retroactive apology for the black bear Doctor Palmer killed back in 2006 in what was, no doubt, a case of mistaken identity. Or something.
Which brings us back to the Nuge. You may remember Ted Nugent from my youth, when he was the cartoon version of all that was loud and raucous and rollious. Zee Wango and Zee Tango, don'tcha know. Over the past decade or two, he might be more familiar to you as the cartoon version of Fox News. Yes, I understand that is somewhat redundant, but he did suggest the president of the United States "suck on my machine gun," as well as referring to our chief executive a "subhuman mongrel." Why this man is not one of the leventy-seven Republican candidates is anyone's guess, but Ted took some time from his busy schedule to defend Walter Palmer. Defender of the defenseless. And if you thought that meant Bambi, you probably haven't studied up on wildlife management like has. He's smart. He'll tell you so.
So, in answer to your question, Ted: Yes. Some people can be very stupid. They just don't notice because they are. God.

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