Sunday, August 10, 2014


If every day is a gift
there are a lot of boxes
some of them are packed full
with jewels and tiaras
or kittens and puppies
some of them, alas,
have been disappointments
filled with tissue paper
or nothing at all
not to worry
even these sad boxes
are giving you something
more tissue paper
for example
who doesn't need
another empty box
and even if this
doesn't convince you
imagine the law of averages
working in your favor
then again
you don't have to
instead you can
look out upon
the sea of memories
the ones you have made
on all those trips
around the sun
and stars and planets
every day is a gift
and I am so very happy
to be sharing this one
with you.
Happy birthday

1 comment:

Dan said...

Happy to be at the live reading of this one.