Thursday, May 01, 2014

What's The Good News?

My wife hates it when I wake her with news stories about death and destruction. She very much prefers the good news, the stories that generally fit in between the murder and dismemberment. That's why this one is dedicated to you, honey.
A teenager was arrested on Monday after he brought a loaded assault rifle and two handguns to his high school and said he had a list of demands he wanted to read over the intercom. No weapons were fired and no injuries were reported in the incident at Madison High School. The student's parents had initially notified the school that their son was missing early Monday when they found he was not at home. After realizing that three weapons were missing from the home, they went to the campus to find him. They found the student at the school and found two handguns in his backpack. They specifically asked him where the third gun was, and that weapon was found hidden in a restroom. Again, no shots were fired.
What makes this story even better, to me at least, what that it happened in San Antonio, Texas. And it didn't take a "good guy with a gun" as so many firearm fanciers have suggested in the wake of what has become an epidemic of school shootings in our country. It took concerned parents who tracked their kid down and made sure that he didn't do any harm. I'm not certain that this will win them my vote for Mom and Dad of the year, since somehow they did manage to let their somewhat emotionally disturbed son make it out from under their watchful eye locked and loaded. Did I mention "no shots fired?" It's not a story about drunken elephants, but it will have to do. 


Anonymous said...

A "feel good" story, if there ever was one!

Krs10 said...

Yes, that made your wife very happy. So did the sloppy piles of elephants!!!