Thursday, May 05, 2011

Teachers Gone Wild

My older brother and I commiserate from time to time about our jobs. One of the things we tend to agree on is the way that certain jobs don't allow for bad days. Much in the way that Bill Cosby once suggested that doctors can't say "whoops," teachers and cops don't tend to get a lot of room for "a case of the Mondays." Nothing sweetens a headline like the phrase "off-duty cop" or "Las Vegas teacher." Such was the case of forty-year-old Carlos Enrique Barron.
Last week, Mister Barron fired shots at a television crew for the Spike TV reality show "Repo Games." A crew from the show was looking for a vehicle belonging to one of Barron's neighbors Tuesday night. He got upset that the crew's security van was parked in front of his home on Vigilante Court. It says Barron confronted the crew with a gun, slapped one of the crew's security officers and fired at least three shots. No one was hurt.
The first question would be: What would you expect to happen on Vigilante Court? The second one would be: Why didn't they offer this guy his own series? Instead, police were called and reports were filed. News gathering agencies added that Mister Barron has been suspended with pay from his job as a special education teacher at Smith Middle School while the investigation continues. I wouldn't argue the action, but it does make me wonder if he had been a car dealer or an accountant would his occupation and position been part of the press release? Maybe I'm just a little too sensitive. And unarmed.

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