Monday, May 23, 2011


I lived through the Governator's Reich. I watched as he worked to bring California out of its decades-long tailspin and get us back on track. More to the point, I sat and watched as he attempted to bring California out of its decades-long tailspin. For the seven years he was in office, our state's debt tripled. His promise to cut up our credit cards with comically large prop scissors didn't keep us from sinking even further into the red. Come to think of it, Arnold had a lot of comically large props, like the giant bear statue he placed in the lobby outside his office. It would be ridiculous to suggest that that object d'art might have had a fiscal impact on our financial situation, but it does make one wonder. Coming from a guy who announced that he was coming to Sacramento, not to think outside the box, but to blow the boxes up, it all starts to feel pretty disingenuous.
Because at the end of the day, it is the legacy that remains. Right now, that Arnie's legacy is not one of fiscal responsibility. It's not even about responsibility. Now we have marital infidelity to toss on the pyre. I think of the tweets from his son, and the way we are now invited to share in California's first family dysfunction. I am reminded of Bill Clinton's bald-face lie to the country about Monica Lewinsky, and I imagine that Marilyn Monroe probably had plenty of stories left to tell about Jack Kennedy when she went to her early grave.
Kennedy? Could that be the connection? Maybe it's just that part of the executive brain that skips past the part about infidelity. Or maybe he's not a cyborg after all. Maybe he's just a man. A great, big, man who now gets to live out this part of the American Dream. Bon Voyage, Ahnuld.

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