Friday, March 11, 2011

Missed Opportunity

Just a few weeks ago, Muammar Gaddafi has told the BBC he is loved by all his people and has denied there have been any protests in Tripoli. At this point, he may be willing to reevaluate his position. There may be a few Libyans who aren't sending holiday fruitcakes to the palace anymore, probably since that would be redundant, and because "his people" aren't. They want him gone.
It could have been so different. Just up the road a little bit, preparations continue for the wedding of the century. In Britain the monarchy is about to throw a great big party, and everyone's invited. Sort of. The price tag is estimated to be somewhere between twenty and seventy-five billion dollars, and even if it were only ten million, it still shows how powerful a monarchy can be. In the middle of a worldwide economic death-spiral, William and Kate are going to celebrate their nuptials in grand style. If only Muammar could have taken his cue from the Royal Family and given up his power to keep his epaulets and medals. And his money.
He could have been the guy up on the balcony on days of celebration and misery, waving to the throngs, issuing statements of support or condemnation, while a constitutional parliament worked out all the details. I know, the colonel is not nearly as photogenic as young Willy and his comely bride. There is bound to be some backlash, right? For that, I have only two words: Prince Charles. Ah, what might have been.


Anonymous said...

The price tag is estimated to be somewhere between twenty and seventy-five billion dollars

To be fair to the royals, most of this expense is for the lost productivity and overtime payments for the holidays being declared. It's not like Prince William's getting $300M worth of satin striping on his wedding suit pants.

Mrs. Id said...

Maybe it's like the tour Obama took to Indonesia - 700 Million a day! (Oh, that was thousand.) Media, they don't fact-check so much anymore.