Saturday, December 25, 2010

The War On Christmas

In 1914, Christmas was a big deal
No one had to tell the soldiers
The ones dug into their trenches
On the front lines of the Great War
They put down their guns
For just a little while
They stopped killing one another
Long enough to sing "Silent Night"
And play a game of football
It helps to have both sides
Agree on their deity
Now the war rages on
Because we don't have consensus
About what Christmas means
The year gets so bottom heavy
With things to celebrate
Why not pause for all of them
Instead of just the one?
World War One didn't end
That silent night in 1914
They went back to killing each other
The very next day
It is the season to remember
The power of love
And to shed a little light
on a dark and stormy night
There isn't one right answer here
Christmas is just one of them
This war is being fought with words
And I know they will never hurt me
So I'm laying my weapons down
To listen to what others have to say
Season's Greetings

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Anonymous said...

this story is always brilliant to remember.for those musically inclined listen to John McCuchteon's 'christmas in the trences' it'll get get stuck your throat. cheers to peace