Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Did You Know?

Some other things we have learned from Wikileaks:
Mongolia is just north of China.
President McAleese of Ireland is a big fan of Pink Floyd.
Brazil's chief exports include coffee, soy, sugar, cocoa, beef, pig and chicken.
Many Russian women are seeking compatible mates here in the United States.
The Central Bank of Nigeria hires some real shifty characters.
Australia has its own version of "American Idol" called "Australian Idol."
Canada recently declared war on Belgium but nobody noticed.
German President Christian Wulff was upset when he found out that back rubs from other heads of state are not common practice.
Teenagers in Japan wonder what all the fuss is about Hello Kitty.
Greenland has a new flag!
It is very hard to find a Denny's in Iran.
Everyone in Britain thinks it is cute that Americans still make a fuss about "tea parties."
Hilary Clinton secretly wants her own talk show after Oprah retires.
The Republic of Congo is engaged in a billion dollar lawsuit with the makers of Congoleum floor tile.
Julian Assange has been an American Express card member since 1985.
And the revelations keep pouring in.

1 comment:

Mrs. Id said...

Thank you, Wikileaks! Thank you, Entropical Paradise! This is very secret information that has brightened my day, now that it's released!

(What IS the deal with Hello Kitty, anyway?)