Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Very Short Book

See the funny men. See the funny men pretend to read a book. The funny men do not read the book. The funny men wrote the book. One of the men has a funny name. His name is Boehner. That is a funny name. Maybe that is why the other men are smiling. Maybe they think he has a funny name. Maybe they think their book is funny.
The book is called "Pledge To America." It is not about furniture polish. That would be a funny book. It is not about the Pledge of Allegiance. The book that is making them smile is about how the men want to save their country. That is why they are not wearing suits. Saving the country is hard work that could not be done in suits. Even though these men usually wear suits when they are doing their job, they want to show how hard they are working by rolling up their sleeves. This is called a "metaphor." The men are not sitting in a book store. They are sitting in a hardware store. That is where people who do hard jobs like saving their country shop. Hard working people buy hammers and nails and saws, and these men want them to buy their book, but not at the hardware store.
The men don't really want you to buy their book with money, either. This is another "metaphor." They really want you to believe like they do. They want the government to stop spending money. These men think that government is getting in the way of people being happy. Not the part of the government that they are in. They think that part is fine. They don't like the ideas that are not theirs.
For example, they want to tear up all the work that was done so that everyone can see a doctor when they need to and replace it with a plan where everyone can see a doctor when they need to. That is a funny idea. They want to keep the bad guys out of our country. That is not a funny idea, but it is funny how they think that anyone who does not look and act like them is a bad guy. Their book is forty-one pages long. It is not a long book, but it does have a lot of pictures. All of the people in the pictures look just like them. Isn't that funny?

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Mrs. Id said...

That is so funny! Funneeeee! Thank you for putting such a positive spin on it.