Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Why Pad

I made a declaration, of sorts, a few weeks back when my wife asked if I was interested in getting an iPad: "I'm not really a 'gadget' kind of guy." This statement was met with a resounding snort and looks of dismay. Not a gadget guy? Really? Mister Big Screen TV with a digital video recorder. Mister Laptop and Desktop computer. Mister never runs without an iPod. Not a gadget guy?
So, perhaps my assertion wasn't fully thought out. Maybe what I meant was I don't buy gadgets that I can't immediately insert into my lifestyle. I can't be blamed for the electric juicer or Mister Loaf, the bread maker under the counter in our kitchen. I make juice the old fashioned way: with three cans of water. I am suspicious of bread that isn't already sliced. Anything could be hidden inside that lump of baked dough. Both of these appliances came to us as gifts. They seemed to make sense, given the fact that we were homeowners and all.
So what does an iPad have in common with Mister Loaf? I will continue to use Al Gore's Internet even though I don't have an iPad, just like I continue to eat delicious bread baked by someone else. I can drink juice made from concentrate and read books printed on paper. I didn't buy a Kindle. I don't own an iPhone. These devices were not vital to my continued existence. Since Apple managed to move three hundred thousand iPads in their first few days, I don't think they'll miss my participation. I guess when it comes to gadgets, I'm kind of a snob. Just don't ask me to give up my Whirly Pop.


Anonymous said...

Mister Loaf?


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean with the iPhone, not sure about the iPad yet, although I love it's new carrying case...