Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Gods Must Be Angry

Suffice to say that somebody in Iceland failed to keep up with their virgin sacrificing duties. How else to explain this massive eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano. It may have had something to do with spelling or pronunciation, but whatever the cause, the gigantic ash cloud that now hangs over Europe is keeping planes on the ground. The somewhat whimsical notion of hopping on a jet airliner and zipping off to London is, for the time being, purely hypothetical. Find a train or a boat, but avoid that airborne hazard whatever you do.
To that end, even Whitney Houston was forced to reckon with the elements. Her planned concerts in England necessitated a less-than-diva-like ferry ride across the Celtic Sea. Hers was not the only tour disrupted by the plume of debris that has now settled into the jet stream above the EU. With no way to anticipate the event, since it has been nearly two hundred years since the last eruption, mere mortals are left to their own devices, or simply scratching their collective heads.
Even the travelling contingent form World Wrestling Entertainment was grounded at the end of their exhibition tour, leaving some doubt as to whether or not all the "athletes" scheduled to appear at this week's "WWE Raw" would be able to appear.
When will this suffering end?

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Mrs. Id said...

I think the virgin sacrifices have continued to take place, but due to mispronounciations of his/her name, the volcano god wasn't paying attention.