Thursday, April 01, 2010

Attention Subscribers

I thought about if for a long time. I thought about it for most of the last year, every time I sat down to write a blog about this petty annoyance or that little grievance. It's become apparent, to me at least, that this daily grind of writing whatever it is that comes to my mind is taking its toll on me in a very spiritual way.

When I started this blog nearly five years ago, I had a son in elementary school. There was real evil and stupidity swarming around the seat of power in our country. I was a younger man. Not a lot younger, but just enough that these things seemed like a challenge to me. I felt like I could handle all the oddness and mild difficulty that confronted me on a regular basis. Now, as Tim Rice once wrote, "I'm sad and tired." Besides, the country has finally begun to right itself, and I can content myself with the momentum that our leaders have started to generate, and the Hope and Change we all anticipated a year ago is surely just around the corner.

My son and wife will benefit from the time I used to spend in front of the computer screen. I won't be tied to my keyboard when I should be in the kitchen, helping with dinner, or clicking through news items when my son needs help with his homework. That's why I feel it is best that I take this opportunity to sign off while everyone's memory of me is still witty and clever. I would hate to think that I have overstayed my welcome.

And if you believe that, check the date at the top of this post, then wait and see if I'll be back tomorrow with another one of my amusing anecdotes. April Fool.


Anonymous said...

You dirty dog!!! I really believed you and was going to read you the riot act! Please, please, please, don't stop writing.


Mrs. Id said...

Startled me out of my complacency!!!!!

Cat said...

And I was wondering if it was just cause I showed up!