Thursday, October 02, 2008


And so it begins, not with a roar, but with a whimper. The Chicago Cubs began their attempt to reach the top of baseball's Mount Olympus once again, one hundred years since they last looked down on every other team as World Series Champions. they lost the first game of a five-game series to the Los Angeles Dodgers. It should be noted that baseball had not been discovered west of the Mississippi a hundred years ago. It took a group of clever pioneers with buckets of money and an eye for new time zones to make that happen.
But now back to the dilemma: The Chicago Cubs continue to deal with their sad fate, and wonder how a team from Florida that has only existed for ten years could find themselves playing in the post-season. Florida? Where do these guys hold spring training? Indiana? Maybe the fact that they don't have to carry around a century of history with them makes the job just a little easier. There are plenty of folks, myself included, who have never seen the Cubs play in a World Series, let alone win one. I've seen them get close. They win their division. They make the playoffs. Then some horrible twist of fate comes sweeping in to keep the era of futility intact.
Joe Mantegna, star of one of those forensic TV shows and co-author of the play “Bleacher Bums" recently had this to say about the Cubs winning the World Series: "If that happens, as a nation we should give up baseball and enjoy soccer, like the rest of the world. I mean, wouldn’t it be right? And make a big statement about it. Go to the UN and say, ‘You know, we made this decision. The Cubs have won the world championship. What’s the point of going on? We’d just be rehashing old ground. We’ve got a lot of world problems here, and part of it may stem from the fact we’re the only guys who haven’t embraced the game with the ball and the foot. So we’re just gonna show you how magnanimous we are as a country by just dumping this sport and playing soccer.’ I think that will be good. I think it would help world peace. That’s it. Cubs winning the World Series, that could be our ticket to world peace.”
And wouldn't you know it? He said "if."

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It should be noted that baseball had not been discovered west of the Mississippi a hundred years ago.

No love for the Oakland Oaks? They started up in 1903.