Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sorry - Wrong House

John McCain is not reading this blog. If he was, he probably would not have sent me a letter soliciting funds to support his campaign. It was a rambling, two page discussion about how desperately we needed to band together to help defeat the "liberal agenda" proposed by the opposition. If John McCain had been reading this blog, he would have understood that I am that opposition, and I fully support that liberal agenda.
I know John's a busy guy. He's running for President of the United States, and I know that must keep him away from his screen, but you might expect that he would keep up with me on his Blackberry or some other wireless device. I know that we don't always see eye to eye on things, but I would expect that, from time to time, he would drop me a note. Just a quick text or a comment on the blog, letting me know how he feels.
But instead, I got this great big diatribe filled with italics and bold type, telling me that I needed to get in line and send him some of my hard-earned dollars to help fend off the cataclysm that would erupt on the fifth of November if the election doesn't go his way. "A Democratic President - particularly one who is rated the most liberal member of the US Senate - working hand in hand with a Democratic-controlled Congress would truly spell disaster for our nation." For the record, I spell "disaster" with a great big "M." And a little "c."
And so, on the bottom of the letter John sent me, I wrote the following: "I'm sorry, but I have no money to send you. I am a school teacher in Oakland. My district is under state control, in part, because of the demands put upon it by the current regime in Washington. As a member of that liberal elite that seems to chafe you and your running mate so very much, I can't imagine that you'd be interested in my contribution anyway." I signed my name and stuck it back in his prepaid envelope, noting that he hoped that I would affix my own postage to "save desperately needed funds." I did not put on my own stamp, and I stuck it in the mailbox. I wonder if he will write back. I wonder if he'll read this blog.

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Anonymous said...

John McCain invented the BlackBerry, you know.