Monday, September 01, 2008

In Harm's Way

A good friend and constant reader of this blog called just a little while ago, concerned for the safety and well-being of Geraldo Rivera. It seems that Jerry (to his closest associates) was standing on top of a levee, apparently unclear on the concept of what evacuation in advance of an oncoming hurricane means. Perhaps he had lucked on to some new information as to the whereabouts of Al Capone's vaults, or maybe he was busy sketching classified storm movements in the mud. Whatever the reason, there he was in all his wind and rain-swept glory reporting so that we could decide.
I have made my decision. He's a twit. And he's not alone. In spite of the fact that nearly two million people have left the Gulf Coast area in anticipation of the advancing storm, thousands more have streamed in, bringing their satellite trucks and crews. We are now being treated with 'round the clock coverage of impending doom. So far, the reporters and all their foul weather gear have been let down by Gustav. You can almost hear the disappointment in their voices as they tell us that the storm has been downgraded to Category One, and only one storm-related death, involving a woman killed in a car wreck, was reported in Louisiana. What a waste of good Gore-Tex.
I changed the channel to watch the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon. I wanted to see if Jerry was packing heat. Now that would be news.

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Anonymous said...

How come the one Gustav-related death couldn't be Geraldo Rivera?

Maybe he can become McCain's running mate when Gunboat Annie finally loses her, shall we say, viability.