Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Juno, Alaska

"I mean, I'm already pregnant, so what other kind of shenanigans could I get into?"
How about getting mixed up in all the colorful hijinks that surround a presidential election? I have spent the last few days puzzling over the timing of the revelation of Bristol Palin's pregnancy. I have had a great many discussions with a number of different people and all of them end in decidedly different ways. When did mom find out, and when did she tell "Big Daddy" McCain? None of the answers seem to affect the overall reek of hypocrisy.
I agree with Barack Obama at one level when he says, "I think people's families are off-limits, and people's children are especially off-limits. This shouldn't be part of our politics. It has no relevance to Governor Palin's performance as governor or her potential performance as a vice president." On another level, I wonder what this says about the decision-making abilities of John McCain. If he had known about the impending bundle of joy in advance, would he have made a different choice for his running mate? An advisor, who refused to be named, insisted "Senator McCain knew this and felt in no way did it disqualify her from being vice president. Families have difficulties sometimes and lucky for her she has a supportive family."
Again, I agree. But what about all this preaching of abstinence, and cutting funding for for an Alaskan state program benefiting teen mothers in need of a place to live. What about all the teen mothers who aren't lucky enough to have a supportive family who just happen to be running for vice president? So many questions, so few answers. Time will tell. Until then, we can keep ourselves busy fuming over Sarah Palin's vision of God's Will, which includes sending U.S. troops to fight in Iraq and completing a pipeline to bring North Slope natural gas to North American markets.
I guess it's all in the benevolent tentacles of the Flying Spaghetti Monster now, anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Yup, there goes old Sarah Palin. Oh, how I hate her!