Monday, July 07, 2008

Change Of Venue

The little clock on my desk has finally dropped below two hundred, and now with a rational number of days left in the Pinhead Regime, I look forward to an orderly transition of power. That's not to say that with six months left that "Dick" and Pinhead won't try to manipulate the Constitution to milk every last drop of grief and woe from their administration. I can almost picture the pointy-headed one clinging tenaciously to his chair while the movers carry boxes and load up furniture around him. "I won't go! You can't make me! I'm a sitting President during wartime!"
But until that day, we still have things to look forward to. In a break with tradition, Barack Obama will accept the Democratic presidential nomination at Invesco Field at Mile High, a seventy-six thousand seat stadium, rather than at the site of the party's national convention across town, the fifty-thousand seat-less Pepsi Center. First of all, since I'm more of a Coke guy than Pepsi, I couldn't be more pleased that Barack Obama will be accepting the nomination in the place the Denver Broncos call "home". While the Broncos have yet to win a Super Bowl since they moved across the street, I am willing to allow a little of the Rocky Mountain Thunder to be shared with the Democrats. I have grown tired of watching my home state glowing red on election night, and I am looking forward to a nice cool blue come this November.
Matt Burns, a spokesman for the Republican convention, dismissed the new speech locale as "stagecraft and theatrics" that "isn't the kind of change the American people deserve or expect." Sorry to disagree with you there, Matt. I guess the Xcel Energy Center, home of the NHL's Minnesota Wild and the NLL's Minnesota Swarm, just doesn't hold the same appeal for me. But time will tell: On June 3, 2008, Senator Barack Obama gave his first speech as the presumptive presidential nominee for the Democratic Party. Over seventeen thousand people attended the event with an additional fifteen thousand watching on big screens directly outside the arena. I wonder if the Republicans are hiring seat-fillers now.

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Anonymous said...

A Republican accusing someone else, anyone else, of "stagecraft and theatrics"? That's rich!

For once I'd like to hear a politician, any politician, accuse someone of focusing too much on the real issues.