Thursday, March 15, 2007

Start Spreadin' The News

On March 4 in New York City, some guy beat up a 101-year-old woman in a walker and took off with her purse. Rose Morat was trying to leave her apartment building to go to church. The mugger, was holding onto a bicycle, pretended to help her get through the vestibule. Then, he turned to grab Morat's head and delivered three hard punches to her face, and swiped her purse. Rose tried to reach for her purse but the mugger hit her again, pushing her and her walker to the ground.
The good news? It was caught on tape, and in a flurry of the kind of vigilante justice that makes New York the city so vengeful they named it twice. "My mom is 95, and if someone ever raised a hand to her ... they'd be dead," said Anthony Riccardelli, 58, who works near the crime scene. Police believe the same man also attacked 85-year-old Solange Elizee, another neighborhood resident, shortly after robbing Morat. Elizee suffered facial cuts and bruises. The mugger took off with thirty-two dollars and her wedding band. Crime of the century, right?
The happy ending will be the television movie that gets made and pays Rose a hundred thousand dollars. And her audience with Donald Trump. And free subway tokens for life. And an appearance on MTV Total Request Live. It has been said that you don't mess with Texas, but I'm guessing that it's best not to look sideways at New York - or her mom, anyway.

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J-Roc said...


That senior had it coming to her. If she's gonna walk around flaunting her centennial hotness, the guys are going to notice.

Just saying.