Monday, October 23, 2006

Pinhead Rhetoric

President Pinhead has retired a piece of his rhetoric. On August 30, when he vowed: "We will stay the course, we will help this young Iraqi democracy succeed, and victory in Iraq will be a major ideological triumph" in the war on terrorism, he gave up one of his favorite pet phrases. We won't have "stay the course" to kick around anymore. "He's stopped using it," said spokesman Tony Snow. "It allowed critics to say, well, here's an administration that's just embarked upon a policy and not looking at what the situation is, when, in fact, it's just the opposite."
Let's see - if Pinhead stops saying "stay the course" it means that he's doing just the opposite, is that it? Or does it mean that if he stops saying "stay the course" that he can continue to do it, but we just won't call it that? If we stop saying "world hunger," does that mean that it will cease to exist as well - as a policy, at least?
My tiny left-leaning liberal mind is confounded by an administration that continues to ask for support on a task that they seem unwilling to describe fully. World War Two had a fairly clear objective. After Hitler painted the bunker with his own gray matter, things were pretty much over. Dismantling Japan's war-making capabilities brought about VJ Day. In Iraq, it would seem that we need to rebuild the things that we blew up, and the things that have been blown up in the days since our mission was initially achieved. And we need to make sure they can defend themselves against the ongoing insurgency. And the lights and plumbing. And democracy should flourish. That would be the Popular War, as opposed to the ever-present-liberal-media-infused Unpopular War. You know the one. The Unpopular War is the one where lives are being lost daily for vague notions and uncertain ideals. If we are really there to put up a big filling station and bleed Iraq dry as we bivouac in the desert, anticipating Armageddon - say it. Then we know what course we're staying - or in this case, not.

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PJ said...

It sounds to me like we are staying a course that has gotten out of hand. No more talk of Osma...where is he? Remember way back when Pinhead and him were friends..along with Cheney, the terminator and Enron quick the American people there are weapons of mass destruction in China and Korea...WOW Pinhead.....God help us....the REAL AMERICANS.