Saturday, October 21, 2006

Aloha, Spoonman

Spoony Singh died. He was eighty-three years old. What's that? You don't recognize the name? You'll have a chance to get to know him in the afterlife, at least his likeness. Spoony was the founder of the Hollywood Wax Museum. He once said that he founded the world famous Hollywood Wax Museum to give tourists who couldn't find any real celebrities in Hollywood the next best thing. If staring at a moderate likeness of Angelina Jolie who is in turn staring off into the void, then this would be the place for you.
And not only that - Spoony Singh is also the twisted genius behind the Hollywood Guinness World Records Museum, as well as another Hollywood Wax Museum in Branson, Missouri. The latter being Hollywood primarily in name, but perhaps in spirit as well. From the "Seeing Stars" web site: "For the most part, the Guinness museum does not try to exploit the bizarre and freakish aspects of life, as its neighbor Ripley's does. While you may see displays about the world's tallest or heaviest people here, you will find nothing to compare to, say, the disgusting bottle of 'fetal mice wine' which is on display at the Ripley's next door. There are, fortunately, no shrunken heads or six-legged pigs here." Still, what could be more Hollywood than fetal mice wine?
As Spoony himself said in 1970, "Look, I know other museums are more stately and artistic, but on Hollywood Boulevard, dignity kind of gets lost in the shuffle." Amen, Spoony. Amen.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps fetal mice wine is the magic elixir of youth that keeps all the stars looking so good? I'll give you $1 if you try it.