Friday, September 29, 2006

Turn The Page

I have a pretty good spam filter on my e-mail, so I don't bother checking on messages that look like they might contain stuff like this: "You in your boxers, too? ... Well, strip down and get relaxed." I'm to announce that not all communications on Capitol Hill have the same restrictions, especially those emanating from Florida Representative Mark Foley's office.
Representative Foley abruptly resigned from Congress on Friday in the wake of questions about e-mails he wrote a former teenage male page. Please take all the time you'd like to savor the details: Florida Republican, male page, teenage, questions. And now, ladies and gentlemen, prepare for the coup de gras: Foley, as chairman of the Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus, had introduced legislation in July to protect children from exploitation by adults over the Internet. He also sponsored other legislation designed to protect minors from abuse and neglect. "We track library books better than we do sexual predators," Foley has said. He once accused the Supreme Court of "siding with pedophiles over children."
Does the fact that Representative - pardon me - former Representative Foley turns out to like boys make the whole situation any more or less creepy? Not according to Foley's own litmus test, comparing himself to one of those poorly tracked library books. On the November ballot, Foley's name will still appear next to Democratic challenger Tim Mahoney - a millionaire who used to be a Republican (not that there's anything wrong with that).

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What are you, an irony magnet?