Thursday, March 16, 2006

I Am...I Said

Googling yourself seems a little self-centered, but it is a way to keep an eye out for impostors, evil twins and doppelgängers. I find my own life mirrored in interesting ways. I could be taking graduate courses in physics at Penn State. I could be taking part in a state economics challenge in Minnesota. I show up as a minor characer in somebody else's blog (apparently still with this renowned background in physics).
There are even some links to things I have actually done, but have forgotten. The thing is, it seems that I've had qutie a satisfacotry virtual life. There is one that continues to plague me, and it's been out there tainting the cyber-existence of all David Cavens everywhere for three years now. Apparently some David Caven killed a peacock down in Florida. From The New Times article: "It was June 2, and Barcia had just learned from the Fort Lauderdale Police Department that a neighbor in the complex had turned himself in for the murder of (Robert) Barcia's beloved peacock, Big Bird." The fallout? "I'm very glad the son of a bitch was arrested," Barcia says. "That bird was one big pain in the ass to everybody, but that bird was pretty, that bird was gorgeous, and if you love animals or you love nature, I don't see how you could do something like that."
I don't see how David Caven could do such a thing - especially with all the good work I've done with the Musselburgh Congregational Church.

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haywagon said...

I particularly like your work with the Kids Sports Network and your success in the Minnesota Mathematics League!