Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Embracing The Inevitable

 I did a quick search this morning. First I typed "Trump hugs" in the box, and got back millions of hits. Then I typed in "Biden hugs," and I was surprised to see slightly fewer hits. Upon further reflection, I noticed that more than half of the Trump hugs were about him hugging the United States flag. The responses for Biden included almost exclusively hugs given to citizens of the United States

The reason for my quandary was the image I saw last week of President Biden touring the site of the wildfires in Colorado. He was out in the streets of the destroyed subdivisions, listening, talking and shaking hands with the people whose homes were eliminated in a matter of hours as the curtain fell on the year of devastation, 2021. And there was an occasional hug

President Biden was providing comfort. It was a far cry from the bizarre scene of the former game show host and twice impeached "president" tossing rolls of paper towels into a crowd of Puerto Ricans whose homes were destroyed by Hurricane Maria back in 2017. 

So, this lack of empathy for the common man comes as no real shock. The idea that a man whose current wife seems to shudder at his touch would have trouble with human contact is no surprise. 

But why should I care? As mentioned just a moment ago, up there, this guy was already impeached twice and was voted out of office by a substantial margin. He should be resigned to the also-ran dustbin of history. He should be the unfortunate asterisk in a drunken brawl of the latter half of the century's second decade. 

Instead, my news feed is chockfull of updates and anecdotes about the deposed emperor of America. After advisors talked the ex-former-disgraced "president" out of making a show out of the anniversary of the insurrection he helped foment, I am told that he spend the day "watching cable TV and fuming." To which I say, "Great!" 

The trouble is, this bloated sack of orange protoplasm continues to live, rent free, in my head. Not that I want to renegotiate the lease. I just want him out. I am so very tired of having to wade through his reaction to this or that as the world continues to turn without him anywhere near the controls. 

We just need to keep it that way. 

More hugs. 

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Kristen Caven said...

I would be happier if he were watching cable from Guantanamo.