Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The Light Ahead

You were expecting
a virgin birth
a parting of seas
rising from the dead?
These are no longer
the moments we seek
since most of that
is done with machines.
The miracles we seek
are not as big
they are they kind
that sneak up on you:
A baby's laugh
a bright blue sky
a song on the radio
exact change.
When you take a look
a little bit deeper
you see these things
you hear them too.
They happen every day
right in front of you
and it never hurts
to stop and notice.
An act of kindness
Forgiveness on tap
A smile into the wind
A growing force of change
We can't look back
for very long these days
and miss what is coming
along life's track.
Wonders will appear
when least expected
and joy will follow
as it always has.

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