Friday, November 23, 2007

Gobbled Up

There is a tradition as American as spilling just a dab of cranberry sauce on your mother's special white table cloth. I am referencing the annual Thanksgiving pardon of a turkey by the President of the United States. This year, according to most historians, celebrates the sixtieth anniversary of this fowl tradition. President Pinhead kept the string alive this week when May and her alternate Flower were spared at a photo opportunity on Tuesday. "May they live the rest of their lives in blissful gobbling. And may all Americans enjoy a holiday full of love and peace. God bless you all."
It's the love and peace part that sticks with me. As the leader of the last remaining super power, it makes me wonder how he can offer up such blithe commentary as he continues to wage war half a world away. May and Flower will be flown to Disney World, where guests will be able to visit these pardoned celebrities in the back yard of Mickey's country house.
For the record, Pinhead has pardoned one hundred and thirteen people during his stay in the White House. He has pardoned fourteen turkeys. The people have not been invited to Disney World. We hope they continue to live the rest their lives in blissful gobbling. That is if they can be heard of the seemingly endless gibberish spewing from the Pinhead in charge.

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