Wednesday, October 14, 2020

We Got Him!

 John Oliver, comic news anchor, started doing a bit a few years ago in which he would lay out a number of points that seemed to implicate the "president" in all manner of nefarious schemes. At which point, he would slam on a button, balloons and confetti would fly and a banner would drop from above reading "We've Got Him!" The joke, because this is a comedy show as I mentioned earlier, is that this is a man who seems to be able to move through life without any of the muck he stirs up sticking to him. Not to belabor the point, but the humor stems from this capacity to avoid consequences for his actions. Openly lying to the American public? No problem. Conspiring with Russia to interfere with our elections? Never mind. This is a guy who has never won a popular vote in any election, and yet here he is standing up in front of the American people complaining and fabricating as if he expects to get away with it.

Because he has. 

There are tape recordings of this "president" telling Bob Woodward that he knew that COVID-19 was both airborne and deadly. Those recordings were made at the beginning of February. That would be prior to all the White House started telling us all not to worry about this virus and it would just disappear. 

This is the same guy who was impeached by Congress for abuse of power and obstruction. This is the same guy who said that windmills cause cancer. This is the same guy who insists that voting by mail, as his family has done for years, will be the undoing of our great democracy. He spent an hour and a half on a nationally televised debate interrupting both his opponent and the moderator to lie like railroad track. 

Then he contracted the disease he assured us all would just go away. He made quick work of ignoring all protocols that he had ignored prior to his diagnosis, culminating in thirty-four positive cases among the White House staff. We've got him!

Which is funny, because after all these years, we still don't.

Are you laughing?

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