Wednesday, February 13, 2019


"Democrats are for open borders."
"Democrats are pro-abortion."
"Democrats are evil opposites of good people."
I am a Democrat. I know this because I check that box whenever it shows up on a survey. If someone asks me, that's what I tell them. I am writing it here because it is not a secret. I am not for open borders. I am not pro-abortion. I don't know if I am an evil person. It could be that holding the ideals that I hold is contributing to the decline of Western Civilization. Spiritually and and morally, I may be allying myself with Satan.
Not that we have been introduced.
I do not believe that immigration should go unchecked. I believe that there should be a more compassionate way to deal with men, women and children who are trying to enter America. As we choose to ramp up the penalties and raise up the barriers, we only make what is inside our borders more precious. That's what I believe.
I do not support abortion. Except that I do. Because I believe that I will never comprehend the choices of others. Just like those men, women, and children trying to cross our southern border. I cannot comprehend.
Is this evil? Is giving others the benefit of a doubt make me evil?
Does it make me a Democrat?
It probably does, as much as checking the box or raising my hand when someone asks a crowd of people. I don't think that socialism is evil. Which doesn't make me a socialist. I am a Democrat because after listening to my parents for enough years, it seemed like a good thing. I respected my parents enough to think they wouldn't steer me wrong. In the sixties and seventies, it certainly seemed like the right answer. Being a Democrat has given me the opportunity to be on the peace side of a number of wars. Not that Democrats always had the high ground. Harry Truman, a Democrat, is the only world leader to order the use of nuclear weapons during war.
I have learned, over the years, to make the excuses necessary to make those atom bombs forgivable. Maybe I don't know everything about being a Democrat yet.

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