Monday, February 11, 2019

Floor Plan

Over the past few months, I have traveled past what used to be a hole in the ground. It is now a three-story structure, still being framed but has a roof on top so we know that it has reached its full height. Interesting, since the first floor was built just below the lip of that hole. What I initially believed might be a patio on the east side has become the companion to the room on the third floor. Currently there are no doors or windows, so it remains a mystery just exactly which room is which. It is possible that that bottom floor will be a garage, with a basement attached. Would all the morning light coming in, would I want that room up top to be my bedroom?
I am perhaps overly concerned with the construction of this house, or townhouse, ,or duplex or whatever it will be when it is complete. This is the evolution of the mind wandering that I have been prone to for decades. When I lived in a one bedroom apartment, I used to wonder what life would be like when I ran past a building offering two. Before our son was born, my wife and I lived in a one bedroom apartment and sometimes I wondered if having an extra bedroom would mean that we could have some alternative: an office, a "man cave," a sanctuary of some sort. Once we had an occupant for that second bedroom on the way, we wondered if we might be able to stay in our little one bedroom for a year or two as we struggled to find a home for the three of us.
As is often the case, the magic worked out just about right and we landed in a stately Victorian with plenty of room for two bedrooms, an office and even that nominal man cave. There was an unfinished basement and an attic with plenty of room to grow into.
But we never really did. We hit a nice comfortable place where we had ample room to store toys and projects and hardware that might become something else. Something else but not somewhere else. When my son moved out of his room in high school, he drifted into the back room, the once and future "man cave." While we have done our share of hammering and drilling and sawing on the essential structure of our house, the footprint has only changed by a patio out back.
Which makes me wonder as I ride past that proto-house. Who will end up living there? Can they fill up all that space? Will there be a "man cave?" Time will tell, but for now it's all potential. A life waiting to be lived.
Good luck.

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