Sunday, April 29, 2018

Slow Walking Makes Sense In A Swamp

There has been quite the hue and cry coming from the White House recently over the pace at which new members of the administration are being confirmed, or not, but "obstructionist" Democrats. It would be worth noting at this point that our previous president spent most of his last year in office trying to get a Supreme Court Justice appointed. This attempt was blocked by Republicans who felt that it was their right and privilege to block such a nomination via the ominously named "Biden Rule," that somehow made not having a ninth justice a better thing than confirming one during an election year. Once the new "President" was elected, the Republicans moved with their majority in both houses of Congress to get their guy in. Full speed ahead.
It also seems worth mentioning that, at this point in Washington D.C., entire careers can be made sitting in front of confirmation panels answering questions and waiting for the wheels of the swamp machine to churn out what it hopes is quality public servants. This is the way the game is played these days. This is how we end up with folks like Ronny Jackson vying for posts like head of the Veterans Administration. Not the infielder who played with the Angels and the Orioles, but the physician to the "President" who has been rushed up to the big leagues after his patient had a notion that he was ready for that kind of exposure. 
Turns out Ronny wasn't really ready. Questions about whether he had the experience to manage the massive department of three hundred sixty thousand employees serving nine million veterans were not the only issues. Drinking on the job and over-prescribing medication were the top concerns for many who felt that Doctor Ronny might not be the right choice to lead the Veterans Administration into the light. 
Apparently Doctor Ronny agreed, withdrawing his name from consideration before any full and almost certainly tawdry discussion of his qualifications began. 
Somebody push the reset button. It's time for fresh meat. 

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