Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Good Morning, Star Shine

I don't generally put a lot of stock in the world of the astrological and zodiac signs, since I have one of those birthdays that sits on the cusp between two signs. Depending on which newspaper I read or which link I click on, my fortunes of the day may be radically different. This is also apparent, when I am asked by those inquiring to my sign and I give them one or the other, there will a loud "I knew it," and then the categorization of all my character traits can begin. It makes perfect sense to those who make these pronouncements that I would do or be such a person, since I am a Gemini. Presented with the possibility that everything they have just diagrammed is incorrect since I am really a Cancer only serves to rev up the rationalization for these scientific observations. Leading the true believers to assert that only a Gemini/Cancer cusp would make such trouble in the first place.
However, I can't wholly discount this birthday star sign nonsense, since I have the unique experience of having had my two longest roommate relationships with people who were born on the same day. It could be coincidence that my wife and my roommate from college just happened  to have been born on this day mere hours apart. Or it could be that I made some subliminal choice based on repressed knowledge gained from a glance at a driver's license way back when, but I can only imagine how well I would have gotten along with thirty-first president of the United States Herbert Hoover, or Tin Woodman Jack Haley had either one of those Leos been around to share a one bedroom apartment with me back in the day.
Or maybe it has something to do with growing up in Boulder during the seventies. Nature. Nurture. Hard to say which came first in the big chicken/egg picture, but since neither of those are sun signs, I can't give an accurate reading. What I can say is that both of these individuals held a key position in my live at times when my own tendencies were to stick to myself. These were friends who brought me out of my crabby shell or forced me to reckon with my own dual nature. Or something like that. They continue to be forces in my life that helped put me on the path on which I find myself decades later. I celebrate their birthday today with them and thank them individually for their contributions to my life. For your troubles and consideration, I wish you the best of days and encourage you to enjoy the galactic significance of having landed in my life. Just like a Leo, right?

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