Monday, February 01, 2016

The Sound Of One Gum Flapping

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Even if that enemy will go back to being my enemy when I say its name out loud because it is so very icky to even consider that I could be friends with...that enemy. More on this in a moment.
For now, I have to confess to the utter and continued evil genius of Donald J. Krump. It was his inspired and wicked thought to simply skip a nationally televised debate. Days before the Iowa caucus, skipping a nationally televised debate? What could he have been thinking? It would be easy enough at this point to snark and laugh, making sport of this non-professional non-politician who continues to make blunder after blunder.
But that's not what is happening. This is a guy who can stand up in front of the media and declare"I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters." When he made this announcement, my first reaction was: He's finally gone too far. To paraphrase Mister Al Pacino, to whom I believe the Donald owes much of his persona, "He's just gettin' warmed up." Now it could be that Trumpson was suggesting that the disdain that all native-born Iowans feel for the denizens of Fifth Avenue. They all deserve to be shot and killed by a megalomaniac billionaire. Or maybe he doesn't realize that cable TV has finally made it to Des Moines. Or maybe he's just stating fact: Donald Trumply can do whatever he wants now and people will still line up for a chance to bask in the shadow of his hair. How does he stir up more press? By refusing to speak in front of them. 
Like so many other people with the capacity to accept auditory and visual stimulation, I have grown tired of most everything that can be said on any stage that contains more than one political candidate. The suggestion that we might hear anything new at this point is moot to the extreme. How then to expand that message? Take on the medium itself. Donald Trumplich has made more noise by simply finding, ever so briefly, the off switch. 
And now everyone's talking about how Donald Trumpenfelder isn't talking. Genius. Great big creepy genius. So guess who's mad now? Fox News. Poor Fox News. Big Bad Donnie Trumpberg is beating up on the voice of conservative America. Poor Megyn Kelly. Megyn, who once made me bristle with her insistence that Santa Claus is white, is now on that list of folks who have been caught in the whirling blades of Trumpson's rhetoric. Who's next? Who knows. I can only console myself briefly with the sneaking suspicion that I have about all of this being one vast conspiracy, with Karl Rove directing it all from behind a black ventilating mask and tossing around words like "precious" and "yes, yes" with horrible sibilance. 
And things just keep getting weirder. 

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