Friday, November 21, 2014

What's Love Got To Do With It?

Yes, there are plenty of red states out there. More than there were just a few weeks ago, but the interesting trend to me is that in spite of this tide, there is an even more impressive spread of rainbow. Across this great land of ours, it's getting easier and easier for men to marry men and women to marry women. I know I've been a but of a Grumbly Gus when it comes to the accomplishments of our President lately, but I will have to give him credit for a good deal of Hope and Change on this particular account. In thirty-three of fifty United States same-sex marriage is legal. And speaking of legal, there is all kind of litigation still in the works in hopes of moving off that sixty percent mark and moving into a solid one hundred.
This makes many people nervous. It makes some people scared. Mostly it makes people want to change the subject. Those who are determined to continue the debate tend to turn directly to the "wild animal defense." It's the one that comes pretty soon after the one about how same-sex couples can't have kids, which is news to Elton John, and Melissa Etheridge and countless others who have been creative or simply adopted. The bestiality defense of traditional marriage is the one that suggests that as soon as we start letting men marry men and women marry women, the door is kicked wide open in to a world where we will be encouraged to wed any and all of God's creatures. Usually something smelly. Or with sharp teeth. "Next I suppose we should legalize marriage to wolverines!"
Well, not so fast there, pointy-headed one. That's not what we're suggesting, but if it would bring in some sort of unforeseen tax break or incentive or cause us all to become more responsible gun owners, why not? See how easy it is to fall into that trap? Okay, I'm not really going to suggest that making marriage to large, ill-tempered weasels legal is a good idea, but then there's this: Charles Manson was issued a marriage license last week. He and his twenty-six-year-old paramour have plans to tie the knot within the next month. Eighty-year-old convicted murderer Charlie Manson is legally allowed to marry anyone? What is up with that? He can't have a driver's license. A fishing license won't do him much good, since there isn't a lot of good casting to be done from his current housing situation. License to kill? Revoked. I would like to think that some goodhearted animal shelter employee would think twice before issuing him a dog license. But Charles Manson can get married. Okay. Then I'm guessing that whole wolverine thing seems just a little less ridiculous. Or crazy.

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