Thursday, November 27, 2014


If there was a works department truck, hauling a load of screens and barriers for covering storm drains, it would be grate full. Full of grates. Literally. If I were to be found near the faucet insuring that the aquarium, I would be insuring tank fullness. Literally. It's that time of year: When we make horrible puns and then wish that we hadn't.
I'm thankful that I live in a world where such a lifestyle is possible. I'm grateful for the opportunity to spread that lifestyle through my online presence. Literally. Words mean a lot to me. Making those words work is important to me. Emotionally. It's more of a feeling. It's hard to be literal about it.
I'm thankful that we have been able to move beyond the tensions of the mid-term elections. Politically. I'm grateful to still be connected to Al Gore's Internet. Electronically. It is a wireless connection. Specifically. I'm glad I have new worlds to explore. Boldly. I'm happy to have the ability to share my thoughts. Effortlessly. I am thankful that there are still things I can share. Joyfully.
Thankful for all those adverbs. Grateful for the music of Supertramp. I am grateful for the chance to speak with you today. What do I know about gratitude? I know a train of thought when I see it. I know a train wreck. But now I'm speaking metaphorically. It wasn't an actual train wreck.
And I wasn't speaking just now, either. I was writing. Or more to the point: I was typing. I am thankful for the opportunity to explain myself.
And to express how beholden I am you all, those of you who took the time to read this. I am indebted to you for giving me that chance.
And thankfully.

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