Sunday, January 12, 2014

Post Season Post

Major League Baseball is currently experiencing what we like to call "the off-season." This is a time when players get traded, contracts get negotiated, and plans are made by Cubs fans across this great land of ours to gather one more time and try to imagine that there is still a chance that this could be the year. Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds are not currently planning trips to Cooperstown, unless it's to let the air out of the tires of those who haven't seen fit to vote either one of them into the Hall of Fame. Free agents across both leagues continue to live out of suitcases, preparing to change zip codes at a moment's notice. Young men who get paid enormous sums of money to play a game are still making bad choices with how they spend their spare time. I'm talking to you, Yasiel Puig.
This is also the time of year when something noteworthy can happen. Beloved mascot of the Cleveland Indians, Chief Wahoo, is being sent to the bench. He is still on the active roster, meaning that the Indians' home uniform will continue to feature him on caps and jersey sleeves, but fans will see less of him overall. He is being replace by a big, block letter C. For Cleveland. Not to be confused with the big, block letter C that stand for Chicago. Cubs. The Indians have removed the Chief from the road uniform in recent seasons and they've reduced his visibility at spring training in Arizona, where they are known as the Cleveland Native Americans.
That last part isn't true, but it is true that there seems to be a wave of cultural sensitivity sweeping through MLB. The Pittsburgh Pirates are "ditching" their eyepatch-wearing Jolly Roger in favor of a gold "P." Bucaneers who have felt unfairly maligned over the years, rejoice.
Now one wonders if the off-season will be a thoughtful one for everyone in professional sports. I'm talking to you, Dan Snyder.

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OTPTSA said...

Maybe they could change their name to the Sunburns.