Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Why Phutsux

I have never been a big fan of Pizza Hut. Even though they come up with all sorts of clever ways to deliver melted cheese and dough, I have very few happy customer service experiences to relate. Once upon a time, when my fantasy football league wanted to get together around lunchtime to start our draft, we fell under the spell of their heavily marketed P'Zones. So entranced with this idea of a folded pizza, we decided to order up some big carbs to take us through the rigors of pointing and clicking on our favorite players. We placed our order in advance of the start of the draft, and sat by our computers shivering in anticipation. The draft came and went. We picked our teams and still there was no P'Zones. We called our local Pizza Hut to ask what might be the problem, and they assured us that they were hard at work on our order. An hour later, there was still no pizza, folded or otherwise. When we called back, the sheepish manager confessed that he had no drivers, and that getting our order was going to be difficult, if not impossible. We felt embarrassed for choosing to name our team after the trademarked name of the calzones we would never receive. The next year, we decided to name our league "Phutsux."
It's been many years, and since that time, I have participated in a number of different fantasy leagues, both football and baseball, with that name. Sometimes I have wondered if I wasn't carrying a grudge a little too long. Then came the news from Elkhart, Indiana this Thanksgiving. Pizza Hut fired one of their managers for deciding to give his employees the day off. "There are only two days that those people are guaranteed to have off to spend with their families," Tony Rohr, the former manager, said. The folks at corporate quickly replied, "This was clearly an unfortunate situation, and we are very upset by what has transpired in Elkhart." So much so, that they have decided to offer Mister Rohr his job back, much to the chagrin of the local franchise owners.
I hope that Tony doesn't jump at the make-good offer by PHut. Only when they can guarantee their employees Thanksgiving and Christmas without the threat of having to roll dough or sprinkle cheese will this world be a better place. And I promise not to schedule my fantasy drafts for either one of those days.  

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