Thursday, January 24, 2013


My son and I watched Barack Obama's second inauguration with some satisfaction. This was the first presidential election where he felt completely connected to the events leading up to it. It was also the last that he will be able to sit quietly on the sidelines. Not that I expect him to do much quietly. As the assembled dignitaries and guests were seated for lunch, after the swearing in ceremony but before the big parade, I noted that they were serving bison.
"Why?" asked my inquisitive offspring.
"I dunno. I suppose it's 'cause he's president."
This elicited some giggles.
"And it's going to be served with grape jelly."
"I guess he just said, "'Cause I'm President.'"
"And if he wanted hot sauce on that jelly?"
"He could, 'cause -"
And there was no reason to finish, because we were both so very amused and taken with the idea of being the most powerful man in the free world, who could not only order anything he wanted for lunch, but he could make John Boehner eat it.
That's probably why, just a few minutes before sitting down to buffalo steaks, Barack Obama mentioned the gay rights riots of Stonewall in the same speech as the marches in Selma fifty years ago. He spoke of immigrant rights and global warming. He spoke like a progressive. 'Cause he's president.
Enjoy your buffalo steak, Mister Speaker.

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Anonymous said...

"If you were president, what would you make John Boehner eat?" Discuss.

I'm thinking of starting with a can of Fancy Feast with Ry Krisp (don't tell me there's no food in this House!), then a wilted salad tossed with Speaker's Tears, and finishing with Souffle of Horseshit.