Sunday, December 16, 2012

After Math

We may have New Jersey's Governor, Chris Christie, to thank for Barack Obama's second term as president. While it is doubtful that Christie was actively making any sort of last-minute campaign push for the other party's candidate as he worked feverishly to help his state through the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, it sure didn't hurt Obama's cause. “The President has been outstanding in this and so have the folks at FEMA,” sits on a scale somewhere between "this guy couldn't lead us to a light switch in a dark room" and "American needs more Obama." He wants his own critics to know that he was just calling it as he saw it, and when someone does a good job, they should be praised for it. Did you hear that, Brownie?
So here we are, four years until the next election, and we're already running the odds for the presidential race in 2016. Hillary Clinton seems like a sure thing, but who could possibly run against her? Why not Chris Christie? He's got an approval rating of seventy-two percent? Why not? He's doing the job, and getting things done. When somebody does a good job, they should be praised for it.
But not everyone is getting on the Christie Bandwagon. Some have suggested that his weight might be an impediment to getting elected. Barbara Walters and Oprah Winfrey, inquiring minds that they are, have both asked about this challenge. I'm wondering if either of them would ask Hillary about her weight. I guess it's all a part of getting the job done. Last year, Chris Christie hired a personal trainer. My guess is that if he decided he wants to change, he'll ask for the help he needs and take care of business. Four more years.

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